What is the real sound of sun?

Former IPS officer and current Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry Kiran Bedi Saturday tweeted a fake video, which claimed that NASA has found that the Sun chants ‘Om’, considered the holiest sound in Hinduism.  The video contains a clear recording of the chant itself, and isn’t the actual video released by NASA. Bedi was immediately called out on social media for posting the clip without checking its veracity.

The video also contains accompanying commentary, in an American English accent, claiming that Greek philosopher Pythagoras had also “heard” these sounds made by the Sun in the 6th century BCE.

The commentator wonders how Hindus were able to hear the Sun’s ‘Om’ emission that human ears can’t normally hear, and says that language, as information, can travel faster than the speed of light. There is also a comment that human speech can be transmitted over radio waves at the speed of light and people can send their “personal energy signature” into the universe.


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