Why don’t today’s children ask questions?

A global epidemic of corona virus has spread, but little fear has been created among children. They are playing games and many students have been relieved from the hassle of going to school when the school is closed.The children affected by books education, so they have been relieved by the lockdown in Corona. Many students enjoy their vacations, so it is clear that our education is limited to teaching. Although the government has made huge investments in the education sector every year, it has not been fruitful.As many have commercialized the education sector, our knowledge is limited to numbers. Unless the education sector takes the responsibility of bringing change in consciousness and conscience, the country and the individual will not be able to make any significant progress in any field of sociology, anthropology, physics, chemistry and medicine. Many children today are close to modern technology. There are many student children who use mobiles, computers, laptops but they don’t even know how computers work, why mobiles / computers don’t work without electricity connection, they don’t ask questions anywhere and don’t show keen to find / understand any subject, modern Technology has removed the habit of questioning children.

How did this world come to be? How big is this universe? Where is its beginning and end? How many stars are there in the sky? Such a variety of questions and inclinations towards mysterious subjects should come to the mind of every child. By giving mobile / computer to the children and doing their own business, the children have not got good knowledge of language of civilization. At the age of two, children begin to learn language and consciousness and they start asking questions to their parents and anyone but since then we have been showing movies on mobile phones, showing cartoons on television and remembering that the child became wise by clapping. You are the one who hinders the mental development of children, you don’t want to keep your child hungry for a while, you don’t want to see the problem, that’s how their brain is becoming barren, they can’t even think about what the problem is. . They have been suffering from nomophobia since they were young. Children need to ask a lot of questions for their mental development and parents need to answer the questions without hesitation. The more curious a child is, the more knowledge he acquires. The habit of asking questions in children will make everyone Einstein, everyone will become a Buddha.

In the end, it is necessary to give spiritual knowledge to the children at the basic level, from which their level of spiritual consciousness is raised. Technology does not modernize, knowledge and consciousness make modern and civilized human beings. Every child should be able to think deeply into the depths of every mystery of the universe. The games our children play need to be natural. Children need to be able to give a rational approach to every subject and only then will children become the father of every human being.



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