President Bhandari depart Japan directly from Myanmar

President Bidadevi Bhandari is leaving Japan today (Sunday) after completing a state visit to

Myanmar on the friendly invitation of Myanmar President Vin Mant.President Bhandari is
scheduled to attend the coronation of Japanese Emperor Noruhito. During the visit, she is also scheduled to meet and visit. Bhandari is scheduled to return home on Kartik 6. President Vidyadevi Bhandari had been visited Myanmar on Ashoj 29 at the friendly invitation of President of the Republic of Myanmar, Vin Mint.when she arrived in Myanmar with Minister of Foreign Affairs Pradip Kumar Gyawali, Foreign Secretary Shankar Das Vairagi, Secretary to the President's Office, Dr. Hari Poudel, Principal Secretary to the President,Dr. Bhesh Raj Adhikari,and high officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the President's office Adhikari ,she had a meeting with president Mint.A Memorandum of Understanding on Tourism and Cultural Cooperation has been signed between Myanmar and Nepal in the presence of President Bhandari and State Councilor Chi during the visit


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