Preparation for by-election are completed

23,284 people can vote in coming by-election in Mangsir-24 which is
conducting by election office Chitwan.They are conducting the by-election in three wards of two local level districts . According to office major Hari Dhakal, by-election is being
conducting in Bharatpur sub-municipality-16 and Khairani municipality-16.
The office has finalized the voter's list for the election. There is 8,481 voters in Bharatpur sub municipality-16 and 2,692 voters i Khairani municipality-4 and 2,111 voters in ward no.9.Voting in the Bharatpur sub municipality-16 has been completed 18
years in 2076 Ashoj-7 and and 18 years completed in Khairani in
Sharawn-16 are allowed in voting. Due to the death of the president
in those wards, re-voting began


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