21 leaders are arrested including Biplop brother from Dang

Police had taken in control to 21 leaders of Biplop from dang.According information of police they are taken in control from the jungle of Murgetakhola VDC-4 of rajpur of Nepal- India boarder.6 central members including 21 central level leaders are arrested by
the police working under Inspector Bharat Singh Rathor of Local
police office of Ghadawa.Biplop brother Chandra Bahadur Chand is also arrested according
to police. He was handling command in west Nepal. Similarly, rapti bureu head Chet bahadur Watha is also arrested. They were arrested in Rajpur VDC-4, Murgetakhola.
Police has told that Biplop leaders had done interference in rapti bureu meeting. Police also said that the central member of the party and the command in-charge birjung, Rapti bureu incharge Subash,President of Youth Organization including 21 leaders are arrested.


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