Babal after renowned artist Duttre kisses Muna.

The popular television series has been popping up in different generations. That’s why this telescope is becoming so popular.Every subsequent issue of it has been successful in the trend of Youtube.
Tourism is on promotion. The last issue of the series is the cinematography of the 8th series by reaching the tourist destination full of landscapes in Sindhuli District.
Is the series coming in Nepal tourism year 1 and campaigning to make the tourism year successful?
The team is currently working with the aim of promoting tourist destinations in all the six districts.
Swarnim Creation’s banner is spreading across the country in various tourist destinations across the country as per the tourism year.
Television series has been constructed with the focus of the story being atken by the cooperative after the leader had invested in the famous Taj Hotel and failed to pay the loan taken from the cooperative.
Within 1 hour of this telescope being placed on Youtube, more than 500000 people have watched it.