Agreement between Bikash Bank limited and Rupakot Resort.

Today on thursday the agreement between Muktinath Bikash Bank limited kathmandu and Rupakot Resort has taken place. As per agreement the people having debit card of Muktinath Bank will get special 15% off in Resort.The agreement had been signed by Mr Basanta Bakshi representing Muktinath Bikash Bank limited and Mr. Piyush lama representing Rupakot Resort.
From these agreement there is seeing a high hope of big advantage to the workers and people associated with Muktinath Bank. Recently from the remit itself, Muktinath remit by looking after coming season of festival the remittance will be applied from bhadra 01,2076 to kartik 30.With the motto of “76 years, festival with 76 gifts” would be adopted as per said by the special information provider of bank Mr Tilbahadur Gurung.