Celebration of 106th birthday of BP koirala even in Australia

On the celebration of BP koirala the Nepali congress has started second “Charan”. By keeping Himal Pahad and Tarai Jagran name for the first time it has led to the second Charan. It is good prograame because to do something is better than doing nothing.That’s why the congress should feel proud for it.
Because of 106th birthday of Jannayak Bp koirala, NPSSI on Bhadau 24, Tuesday had conducted one programme for remincing him. The programme was in Sydney , there is a restaurant known as Nepal Siho Restaurant  where the programme held from 6 to 1 clock.
In the programme the speech was given by president of Australia also Mr Krishna Giri talked about koirala’s thought and path followed. He did not just said that it should be applied and followed in management but also in our daily lives and we all should respect his thought and path. Giri also talked about merging up.
The prograame was started by Suresh Gurung. To celebrate and cherish moment Mr Prem Sapkota a reknown popularity and UNF president Mr Ramesh Paudel also gave their presence. Paudel talked about the “Janparka Samparka” and also congratulated everyone.