Dengue infection are being horror. According to Epidemiology and Disease
Control Division of Department of Health Service, First time dengue infection
was seen in Sunsari, Dharan in last week of baisakh but now it has spread in
56 district.
According to division, dengue inflection has spread altogether in 56 district
including 9 district of province 1, 7 district of province 2, 12 of province 3, 10
of gandaki province, 11 of province 5, 2 of arnali province and 5 of far west
They also said that 6 people already died due to dengue infection. Died people
are from 2 of kathamandu, 1-1 of Sindhupalchowk, Sunsari, Chitwan and Doti.
From sharawn 1 to bhadra 22,
3899 dengue infected people are added.
By adding added people, there are 8 thousand plus ill people are there from
Until now, 4 people have already died in province 3 and 2010 ill people are
already added since shrawan. Similarly, 831 people in proince 1, 39 people in
province 2, 896 in gandaki province, 97 in province 5, 3 in karnali province
and 23 in far west province have found dengue infection since sharawn.
Dengue is the infectious diseases which is caused by Edis mosquito. This
disease is caused by the dengue virus after bite from infected mosquito.
Especially this infected mosquito bite only in day time. The outbreak of
Dengue fever starts to increase as the rainy season begins.
Fever, headache, paining of eyeball, rashes in body, dislike of food, paining in
joint and muscles, red rashes are symp[toms of dengue.
The major remedy of preventing from dengue is to be safe from bitting
mosquito. For that, cleaniness should be maintain near house, warin full
clothes, sleeping under net. If you fell any doubt, you should immediately go
tohospital for checkup.