CIAA Former Commissioner Pathak present in court

The Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority, who was under the control of corruption, filed a case against the special court against its former Commissioner Rajnarayan Pathak. He expressed his resignation after his corruption video was broadcasted in media.

The court said the corruption case was presented to the Pathak’s court for the ongoing debate. In the Pathak’s case, Baburam Regmi, president of special court and members of the house, Dwarikaman Joshi and Pramod Kumar Shrestha, are running statements in court. The statement will be heard on Tuesday. After that debate, Islas will decide to keep him imprisoned for a criminal or to ask for a petition or a general guard.

Lamodar Neupane, a defendant with him, is absent. The Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of commission of Authority filed a corruption case in the special court in Chaitra 12 on the charges taken against its former Pathak.