British citizen Philip cremated respectively in Pashupati Aryaght by Binaya Basnet

The British citizen Philip Malcolm, who was in a position to bring him to the Veer Hospital from Teku Hospital, came in a very brief discussion. The Nepalese people did financial support for his treatment, along with the media publishing news about him, who was being treated in foreign land .

After finding out about his pitiable situation, some youth treated him in medical college at Kathmandu University. Philip’s pitiable condition and some youths were influenced by the steps taken by him to treatment, and many also helped financially. By making him healed, he made a decision to reorganize the family in the UK but could not be completed. Because Philip died on Saturday. He died during treatment at Nurvik hospital. According to the hospital, Malcolm, which reached Nurvik in March, is suffering from many diseases. In Malcolm hepatitis C was seen and after the improvement in health, the MICU was moved to the ward.

But after the sudden blood pressure fell down on Saturday and seen problem with respiratory, the doctors of the Nurvik Hospital, said that he died. According to social worker Vinay Basnet, Philip is 118th body of Philip which was cremated by him.


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