Does Cholendra Shamsher’s fate is growing with the progress ?

Judge Om Prakash Mishra, who is being decided in Principal judge, is being decided today. After getting the holidays, Cholendra Shamsher's fate is growing with the progress of the new Principal appointment. The decision is being made by the proposed principal candidate Rana, on Tuesday, after hearing the Parliamentary Hearing Committee on Tuesday, his fate will shine or not shine.

Parliamentary hearings have been issued on Sunday, proposed Principal candidate Rana. Due to the movement of the employees of the Parliament, the hearing of the assembly was canceled four o'clock on Sunday. Deeparaj Joshi will be the Chief Minister of the Honorable Committee as senior judge, if the hearing committee does not approve the name of the proposed Rana in the principal. Joshi more than Rana is the senior judge in the Supreme Court. Earlier, the hearing committee rejected the name of the person's eligibility and rejected the name.


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